American Made 2017

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American Made

American Made
American Made Full Movie

Country: United States
Year: 2017
Category: Action, Biography, Comedy
Release Date: 28 August , 2017
Director: Doug Liman
Starring: Tom Cruise, Caleb Landry Jones, Domhnall Gleeson
Age Restriction: 18 years
Duration: 130 minutes
Budget: $130,000,000

American Made is a 2017 American action-biography comedy film directed by Doug Liman and written by Gary Spinelli, with a story by Domhnall Gleeson

The film American Made: Based on a true story, the plot revolves around Barry Seal, a pilot who becomes a drug dealer during the ’80s and who is recruited by the CIA to work with them. Cruise shares with Domhnall Gleeson, Sarah Wright, Jayma Mays, and Caleb Landry Jone, directed by Doug Liman of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and Gary Pinelli.

Tom Cruise is back in the air for another dangerous plane stunt in the upcoming true-life crime thriller American Made. Cruise has proven over and over again that he’s an adrenaline junkie when it comes to his action adventure roles. The interesting thing is, the older Cruise gets the more daring he gets, as he gone from hanging off a skyscraper in Dubai in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to clutching onto the side of a airbound cargo plane in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

This year, Cruise, who just turned 55 on July 3, subjected himself to 64 takes in a fixed-wing plunging aircraft (aka, “the vomit comet”) to film the stunning zero gravity plane crash scene in The Mummy; and apparently another deadly plane stunt is on the way in American Made. Due in theaters September 29, the film stars Cruise as Barry Seal, a real-life TWA pilot-turned-CIA gunrunner-turned-drug smuggler for notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the 198os.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies UK, American Made director and frequent Cruise collaborator Doug Liman says the actor not only piloted the plane for his scenes in the air, he went as far to abandon the controls to perform other harrowing duties required of him in the story. Liman says filming the scene was “pretty hair-raising,” adding:

While some of Cruise’s films land critical acclaim (Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation) and some don’t (The Mummy), there’s no question that stunts that Cruise performs on screen are all breathtaking and extremely entertaining. And while it shouldn’t come as a big surprise took his stunt game to the limit again with American Made, it is thrilling to learn that in the burgeoning age of visual effects where he could opt for computer generated effects, Cruise is choosing the practical – and very dangerous – route once again.

The great thing is, Cruise is showing no signs of taking the CGI route anytime soon. Mission: Impossible 6 producer David Ellison says Cruise has been training for a year for the film’s marquee stunt scene, and since Cruise is reteaming with his Edge of Tomorrow helmer Liman for the film’s sequel/prequel, Live Die Repeat and Repeat, the director is bound to turn his star loose once again to take on any death-defying stunt he wants. As for Top Gun: Maverick, it’s almost a given that Cruise will be up for anything that will take his stunt game to new heights. After all, Tom Cruise is a red-blooded American made action hero, and fans of his have come to expect nothing short of spectacular from him.

The new issue of Empire magazine, on sale this Thursday, features the usual deluge of movie world exclusives – among them, this never-before-seen look at one Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, aka Tom Cruise, in his forthcoming crime thriller American Made. Take a look, and click to embiggen.

The new movie is something of a departure for The Cruiser: a (relatively) smaller story about Barry Seal, a real-life unlikely drug smuggler working for the CIA, no world-invading aliens in sight. But as his director Doug Liman explains in the new Empire, despite a smaller scale than their last collaboration in Edge Of Tomorrow, this is no quiet affair.

“Neither Tom nor I were interested in making a dry biopic,” says Liman. “Barry’s second wife collaborated and opened her files, but we cherry-picked the details we liked; Tom and I wanted to create our own version of Barry Seal. For us it was how to tell the most exciting story.”

Shooting the movie was a gonzo adventure in itself. Cruise is famed for his DIY stunts, and American Made offered him a rare chance to fly a plane solo on film for real. The idea gave producers heart palpitations, but Cruise and Liman got their way. “We had to go to some exotic locations in South America,” chuckles Liman. “We flew three hours across uninhabited rainforest to a Colombian military airstrip at the edge of rebel-controlled territory. It was so remote that Tom and I slept in tents and foraged for wood to make camp fires at night.”

For more on American Made, be sure to pick up a copy of the new issue of Empire, on sale in all good and evil newsagents from Thursday. If you were an Empire subscriber, of course, you’d already have your copy, days before the shops get any, with an exclusive limited edition cover to boot.


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